Artisti Romani Design House has been creating unique designs of luxury women’s shoes since 1978, starting in Sweden, while in 1986 it moved its facilities back to Greece.

Artisti Romani a family owned Greek handmade footwear company is constantly striving to innovate in the field of shoemaking using modern design and CNC automatic cutting technologies for maximum flexibility, quality and design symmetry. Our years of experience, our innovative equipment and our knowledge and love for shoes offer unparalleled quality and comfort to the woman who chooses them. Artisti Romani chooses exclusively high quality leathers of Greek and Italian origin, as well as emphasizes on the other materials it uses, aiming at luxury, quality and environmental protection.

Our collections cover every female need and desire while always remaining at the heart of fashion. Our Design House offers women the opportunity to make the design of their choice, with materials of their own choice, tailored to the dimensions of their own foot. Brides mostly trust our design house to create their bridal footwear exactly as they have dreamed of accompanying them on the most pleasant day of their lives. We want to make that day even more special, guiding the bride in the appropriate choice of footwear that will match the entire image that the bride has dreamed of for her wedding, while with our years of experience and our excellent quality materials we promise comfort and durability.

Great fashion designers have shown their trust in Artisti Romani, such as Celia Kritharioti who repeatedly chooses our shoes in various shows and events at home and abroad, as well as Vasilios Kostetsos who combined our designs with the L’Olympien collection for the show he presented at the Attalos Gallery.